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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lead Into Gold - Mission Event Walk Through (Detailed Version)

Thanks to Jennifer of MW LootLady Blog for making this awesome post!

The Lead Into Gold Mission is out and the timer is in sync with the El Dorado Secret District. You have about 9 and a half days to finish it. There are 7 parts and none require too much waiting. There was a major glitch associated with Part 3 but that was quickly patched by Zynga. I didn't encounter any bugs that prevented me from moving forward and overall it wasn't a bad Mission.

Part 1
Myth Busting
Activate four Brazil Crew members. If you have a full crew, you will have to wait until the 8 hours timer runs out. Just click on any four of the 8 plus signs.
Acquire 8 armors is the same thing we saw in the To Smuggle A Mocking Bird Mission. If you click on the "Go Now", you will be directed to the Marketplace. You don't need to buy items from the Marketplace but if your interested, make sure you buy Armor items. Fight Club and Loyalty Program items will count. The easiest way to do this task is to go to any of the City Stores and buy 8 armor items with game currency. I purchased 10 Bullet Proof Vests from the New York City Store for $4,500 and I was done. Armor items that drop from fights, jobs and robs will also count. 
The loot rewards are 4 Jungle Maps.

Part 2
Here is somewhere we hardly ever go. The Brazil Black Market is a complete waste since Zynga refuses to update the loot items. Now you need to buy 2 Horny Toad ATVS that have stats of 28/52!. You need to wait 23 hours between purchases. What a waste of time that was.
Fight 40 opponents in Brazil. Win, lose or draw, it doesn't matter. Just make sure you are in Brazil.
Do the El Dorado job "Make A Path To The Temple" 10 times. The amount of energy you spend will depend on what level you are on. If you want to see more of what the Spockholm Toolbar will tell you, enlarge this image and check out all the information for each job you are given. There are no loot item rewards for this part of the Mission.

Part 3
Belongs In A Museum!
This part of the Mission will remind you of the Cuba Missions in which we got some decent loot items. I think Zynga learned their lesson and didn't add anything to this mix that was too powerful. This way if there is another Trigger Happy incident, nobody will care. There are a total of 6 loot items that drop from jobs, fights and robs. Use your Green Augmenter to get 2X the loot drops for only the Mission items while this part is active.
Here are the stats of all 6 items and I don't think many will care how many they get or don't get as long as credit for the Mission is given. Some of these items are so bad that they are giftable.
The first four are acquired through doing jobs.
The next one from fighting.
If you caught this part early enough you found that Treasure Chest Keys dropped when doing fights. I was working on the El Dorado post and caught it in the last 5 minutes. If you go to my fan page you will see that many were able to get thousands of Treasure Chest Keys and earned tons of Reward Points. Zynga fixed this pretty quickly and I have no updates on if there will be rollbacks or not. The three things in life you can be certain of is death, taxes and Zynga rolling back anything that has to do with Reward Points.
And the last item is from robbing.
For your crappy loot safari, you will be rewarded with a Might Girdle.

Part 4
Skeleton Key
Ask your mafia for 6 Shrapshields. Mine was autochecked so I have no idea how I got them. You can see I have zero in my inventory.
I found a post from one of my mafia members in the news feeds so I'm sure you just ask for them from the Mission Page.
Now you need to acquire even more useless loot. Get 18 Firebombs from robbing.
You will get 4 more Jungle Maps for completing all the tasks in this part of the Mission.

Part 5
The Zipa's Tomb
You can do the first and the third task at the same time. Win 15 fights and loot 20 Golden Tigers at the same time. 
The Golden Tigers are cool and all but they don't even have any stats. They were one of the gifts from the Serial Assassin Gift Mastery Event. Why does Zynga want us to be loaded up with useless items in our inventory? 
Declare a war 2 times and you will be done. There is a 8 hour timer between declaring wars.
I normally spend Reward Points to buy off the tasks that require a wait so I can get these walk throughs out in a timely fashion. This task used to cost 10 Reward Points now it's 15. What kind of game is this? I understand that many countries deal with inflation but a virtual game? Come on Zynga, stop trying to suck as many Reward Points out of us as you can. We will be more than happy to spend them if we don't feel like we are being taken advantage of. If I wasn't trying to get this post out, I would say screw you and wait 8 hours.
You will get 2 Amazon Pit Vipers for doing all the task above. Enjoy them because their drop rates from the El Dorado jobs really suck.

Part 6
Burning Bridges
Ice 10 opponents in Brazil. 
Collect from your Barracks two times. To be strategic about this, use Union Hall to only collect on your Barracks and save the Refinery for later. Don't use the "Collect All" button if you are close to leveling.
Go to Union Hall (if you have it) and only collect your stamina. If you are on the ass end of this slow roll, use the Property Manager by Team Spockholm to collect on these properties individually. 
Do the El Dorado job "Ambush An Unwitting Expedition" 15 times and you can move on.
Your loot reward is one Path of Destruction.

Part 7
Breaking Camp
The next task sounds like a gimmick but it will be to your advantage to do it. It says to "trade" 6 Gold Treasure Chest Keys for 6 Street Parties. 
Click on the "Ask Now" and a news feed post will be generated so you mafia can help you.
I took before and after screen shots of my Treasure Chest Keys and my Street Parties and you can see I gained 17 Treasure Chest Keys and my Street Parties stayed the same. No wonder Zynga screwed and pretty much killed the trading community. I don't think they get what a trade really is.

Since Zynga has stated on more than one occasion that they would like to just can these Treasure Chests, you might as well open a few with your new keys. You will get a lot of crappy loot but you might get lucky and get some Reward Points. This may make you feel better if you missed out on the Treasure Chest Key glitch from Part 3. Out of 17 Treasure Chests, I got 10 Reward Points and I don't feel confident that I will be able to keep them.
Take out 15 Amateur Tomb Raiders from the Brazil fightlist. Each Amateur Tomb Raider costs 5 stamina points to attack.
Do the El Dorado job "Smuggle A Relic Overseas" 18 times and you are done with the entire Mission.
The rewards include the Grand Prize which is a Zipa and a  larger than normal experience bonus.
I had never heard of a Zipa before so I Googled it. It appears this may be something that only Zynga knows about. Maybe it's how cool people say zipper. I couldn't find anything.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

If you caught this part early enough you found that Treasure Chest Keys dropped when doing fights. I was working on the El Dorado post and caught it in the last 5 minutes. If you go to my fan page you will see that many were able to get thousands of Treasure Chest Keys and earned tons of Reward Points. Zynga fixed this pretty quickly


Yep. They fixed the Key issue ASAP!

But they can't find their way to fix the boss or war page issues for days and days and days on end.

Keep up the fantastic work Zynga!

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