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Friday, September 16, 2011

Major Family Bug

Special thanks to Jennifer of MW LootLady Blog for making this post! This post is directly copied-and-pasted from her blog.

First all families lose a major chunk of their statistics. Zynga has not addressed this issue or restored the missing data and I'm not sure if they ever will.

Before fixing a problem, they decide to release another Family Module feature. It's called Family Battles and the idea is to be matched with other families who have close to the same stats as yours. How can they even compare when no families have accurate statistics? Here is a glimpse of what the feature will look like. It was pulled after a few minutes.
When you visit another family page, you will see the  option to challenge them. Clicking on the button does nothing.
This isn't all you will find and there is a dangerous glitch going on, probably the result of trying to push out too much content. Go to any family page and you will be able to remove any member who is not an Underboss or Godfather/Godmother. Here are my friend from the Mafia Wars Gods and you can see I have the ability to remove them. Now I'm not going to do that and hopefully others won't either but all families are vulnerable at the moment.
Because there are so many douchebags who play Mafia Wars, don't be surprised if your family falls victim. The work around is to make all members admins or have a rejoining policy set up and prepare. This game is getting to be too much. They need to cool with the new stuff and fix the things that are broken. This is one serious glitch.



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