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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out Of Time - Mission Event Walk Through (Detailed Version)

For the less detailed version of the walk through for the Out Of Time mission, visit: Out Of Time - Mission Event Walk Through
Thanks to Jennifer of the MW LootLady Blog for the detailed version of the walk through!
The Limited Time Mission "Out Of Time" is now available. There are 7 days to complete it and the timer is in sync with the reopening of Cuba. When the timer runs out, Cuba will be gone. There are 6 parts to this Mission and there should be plenty of time to complete it. Fully mastering Cuba is not a requirement.

Part 1
Intel Inside
The idea of the first task is that we "trade" one crappy piece of loot to gain another one. Click on "Ask Now" from the Mission Page.
When your mafia members click on "Send a Set of Pain & Suff", you get credit for your Mission and your friends get a Set of Infiltration Gear. I check the Inventory History bookmarklet after I completed the Mission and no Sets of Pain of  & Suffering were added to my inventory. I don't want them anyways.
You can ask for more help every 2 hours.
In the next task we need to get 10 Cuban Mercenaries. I've reviewed how to do this quite a few times now. You can get them from doing jobs, robbing, accepting Free Gifts or collecting from your Cuba Bribing Ring.
Accepting Cuban Mercenaries through regular gifting will not work. You won't get credit for any that you receive. Sending them to your mafia members will. All you really need to do for any of these tasks is to send them and you will get credit. I send 10 Cuban Mercenaries to myself from my energy account and I didn't get credit for them but my energy account did.
The next best way to get this task done (if you are short on Cuban Mercenaries) is to run a scan of the Get-a-Nator. Keep the window open because this task repeats itself throughout the Mission.
You get 1 Barrier Coat for completing Part 1 of the Mission.
Part 2
Epic Loot
This is the best part of the Mission. It works just like lasts weeks task only robbing is now available in Cuba. The first two items are available from doing fights. The Shelled Torso that many were freaking out about finally makes an appearance.
Robbing now works in Cuba and we get another chance to get more Trigger Happies.
The Blue Augmenter (which is different from the Augmenter in the last Mission), will help you acquire more of these loot items. These boosts are only good during the time that the above loot items drop in your Mission. You can ask for them every 2 hours.
I checked my inventory and was able to get 6 (-8 from the last Mission) Trigger Happies and 12 Shelled Torsos. Make sure you have plenty of Blue Augmenters before you start collecting these Mission loot items.
Part 3
Fish In A Barrel
Take out 8 Neo-Imperium Captains which will be on your fightlist in Cuba. Each one costs 8 stamina to attack.
Next, acquire 15 Cuban Mercenaries in the same manner as described in Part 1 and you will get 2 Goliath Groupers.
Part 4
Firearm Filibuster
Get 6 people to click on your Mission Crew request. You can do this the hard way and send 6 individual gift requests out and hope your mafia members accept them the next time they go on line or you can create a link using the Mission Crew Link bookmarklet and post it to your wall or any group page.
Fight 40 opponents. You need to be in Cuba for fights to count. If you win, lose or attack someone who is already iced, they will all count as long as you are in Cuba.
Do the El Patron job "Sink A Competing Smuggler's Ship" 10 times. Each job costs 46 energy if you Ruby mastered it. There are no loot rewards in this part of the Mission.
Part 5
Happy Explosion Day
Build 2 Armors from your Armory. There is a 18 hour timer between crafts.
Now acquire 18 Cuban Mercenaries as described in Part 1. This part is bugged and many are finding that the Cuban Mercenaries acquired through the Free Gift system and robbing count but then immediately get reset. They stick if you do jobs (at least on my account they did) but the easiest way is to send 18 to your mafia members and you will get credit. Or you can contact Customer Support but who wants to deal with that?
Win two wars. You can declare one and then search for a war in which you are the last person to attack and win the war if you are in a hurry or you can just wait 8 hours between warring timers.
When you finish all the tasks of this Mission, you will get 3 Kit Vests as your reward.
Part 6
Cuban Coda
Get 6 Brazil Crew Members in your queue. If your queue is full you will need to activate some positions to make room. Simply generate your feed request and wait for your mafia to respond.
Do the El Padrino job "Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation" 20 times. Each job costs 49 energy (on the Ruby Level) and 5 Cuban Mercenaries. You will need a total of 100 Cuban Mercenaries so if you gifted yours away, you will need to farm more. 
Ice 15 opponents in Cuba and you are done.
The Grand Prize loot item is a . You also get a decent experience bonus so make sure you use it strategically.


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how can you already have 12 shelled torso from an early mission? there was no early mission

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