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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tips and Tricks concerning Mafia Wars.10

In the latest episodes of our game a new city was presented (Chicago) and a couple of secret districts: Snake Island and Lexington Hotel. For some of us who don't currently have tons of energy, we may still try to complete them. There are various strategies we may follow in order to complete cities' jobs easier, use less consumables in jobs (when needed) and these are the ones we are going to see right now.

In the secret district of Brazil named Snake Island 240 consumables (Antivenoms) were needed to complete it until Ruby level. For Lexington Hotel, the secret district of Chicago, 204 consumables (Lexington Room Keys) are also needed. What would you reply if I tell you that only 97 Antivenoms were needed for me and 81 Lexington Room Keys in order to finish both secret districts? This was achieved easily by the combination of two things: using the assistants from city crew and 2x Mastery Boosts.

In the cities of Brazil and Chicago there are two assistants helping us in jobs: Strategist and Lockpick.
The Lockpick when active enables us to receive double loot for the next 20 jobs. So, if we use it in the job (or jobs), which offers a certain consumable, we may assume that we'll gain more of them. The best strategy is not advancing to the next level of a district, unless we've acquired enough consumables.

There is no hurry anyway. We may finish this job and repeat it a few more times when the same assistant from city crew becomes active again.

The Strategist when active enables us to achieve double mastery for the next 20 jobs. So, if we use it in the job (or jobs), which requires a certain consumable, we may assume that we are going to use less (approximately 50%) consumables. What if we have enough 2x mastery boosts already in our inventory? After zynga-math using the strategist and 2x mastery boosts we achieve a 3x job mastery with every click, which helps us using 60% less consumables.

Note: 2x mastery boosts can not be used in a district's ruby level (only during the three first levels).

Since last June I am not able to send 2x mastery boosts to my MW friends. Every time the Send button appears, I am presented with a black screen without any further possibilities... no friends' list to choose from. After having contacted customer support various times, the latest answer that I've got was that this feature will be removed from the game soon. So, my advice is to start, even today, collecting as many 2x mastery boosts as possible.
There are four different ways to collect 2x mastery boosts.
  1. Start checking your team mates' links, since 2x mastery boosts links are one of the few, which are still working. If you want to see an image in your game like the previous one when clicking a link, make sure you are in NY or Italy before clicking it; anyway, you do receive the 2x mastery boost even if you currently are in one of the others cities. With this way you may collect up to five 2x mastery boosts daily. 
  2. In your Daily Take (or the ones from your team mates) ten 2x mastery boosts are offered sometimes.
  3. Mastery boosts are offered through the free gift Mystery Boost; the number of boosts you may receive varies.
  4. Apart from these, you may create your own links, which may add nine more 2x mastery boosts to your inventory daily. You can do this with MW Addon or even manually. Credits go once more to King Brewok, an MWM family member. Ten months ago the manual method was presented to this blog. Just follow the procedure presented from step 5.

That's all for today my friends. I hope something useful was also presented today. See you all again soon.


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