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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Introducing Inventory Grouper

Did you ever want to have a quick access to know the Fight Loot,Lucky Stash Reward and other loot?
Inventory Grouper can do that!

Let start with some History on Inventory Grouper.
Inventory Grouper was modified from Inventory Groups which was made by Spockholm Mafia Tools.
It was modified by me at December last year.

If you were in the Checklist and Toolbar Items group, you are likely seen me releasing the script and also updating frequently.

Currently Inventory Grouper had just been updated to V3.01 and more update are coming...

These are the sub-heading that are in the Inventory Grouper (at the time of this post)

So, you must be wonder. How to get it?

2. Wait for 5 Seconds and click Skip Ads at the right
3. Read the instructions and select which type of it you want.
Currently you can create a bookmark on your bookmark bar
FB MW Addon
Spockholm Toolbar

Important Things to take note: Inventory Grouper have Apache License so you shall not use it to edit and make it your own script.If you want to edit it, use the original inventory groups from Spockholm but let them know first;)

If you have anything you would like to let me know or you want something to be added,
Complete this survey and let me know : Inventory Grouper Survey

Enjoy! Hope you will like it.


'adjie Saint said... [Reply to comment]

i should try it

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