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Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to get many poker cards or other gifts

Now thanks to Zynga gift spamming is fixed. I'm pretty sure many will quit just like the time where many quit the game after posting gift links was fixed.

There is still a way to send more than gift to a person but it need lot of time and we are sorry but we wont be able to share it since we do not like to ruin stuff for some people using it, we have feeling and think of the consequences . i my self dont use it cause it just take too much time if u wish to know about it just ask friends or so....good luck with it :)

what i do is as following....

U need to know that u will be needing a lot of luck and a good mafia that send gifts back (the more the better)...

1st If u have the add on installed select the "free gifts center"

2nd click on the the third tab "sender"  and select poker cards (or any other gift u want to receive in return). Also make sure to select the LIST  "mafia wars friends" to not spam ur normal friends with useless requests. now send to all....

Make sure to do it as early in the day as u can so u can have many gifts in return, if ur mafia is cool to "accept and send" a gift.


After a few minutes u will see them sending back and u will have ur wanted stuff :)

Wish u a good luck with the annoying Poker event.


~MPS~ said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks love ~xoxo~ Want to play poker now that I've send cards to everyone? <3

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

im still spamming theyve fixed nothing here yet

Sayed Ali said... [Reply to comment]

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

this is great , but is there a way to cancel the request after sending 500 , and not send to all 2250 in my mafia

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