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Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Reigning Women and best tactics

Sorry for the delay of posting this, things has been very busy lately.

Anyway many of u know that this market place sale even is based on the wold women day (congrats).

U need to buy 15 items to get the "mean girl" with the stats of 119 atk and 188 def.

As many of u already know that best to do is buy 15 SINGLE crates for 6 RPS, the items are still useful for now. U can buy some jobs and boss fight consumables from the "special loot" tab on the market place for 5 RPS each which i dont recommend spending a dime for loot u can get for free. another idea is to get  5 poker cards if u think u cant make it but i do not recommend that either.
If u are thinking of doing more jobs or fight more i also recommend buying energy or stamina refills when they are on sale for 7 RPS.

If u are like me, never use RPS for anything and dont want to wait and wait buy15 crates for 6 RPS each = 90 RPS

I hope the post wasnt too late and will help a few :)


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