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Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Family Allows 100 Members Only!

I'm sure you're aware with the new feature ie Families! Find it on the "Recruit" page tab, under the Families sub tab :

You can also see the banner on your Home tab.

Each families can only have max of 100 members! Apparently this is a bad idea since we know that a large clan can have thousands or millions of members!!!

That's why one friend named Bambi has made a new topic on the "Get Satisfaction" under a title New family tag allows max. 100 - worst case for clans!

If you like this idea, please go to the link above and join on the page.
Click LIKE or share it on your wall.
Hopefully Zynga can increase the number of a family in the future...

PS : Thanks to Bambi for the idea.


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