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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Big Heist FAQ

Extraced from The Big Heist FAQ

The Big Heist FAQ

Updated 07/22/2011 at 19:13

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The Big Heist
Max out robbing to pull off the Big Heist 
Q: What is the Big Heist?
A: Rob all 9 properties at the same time with just one click. When you clear the robbing board, you’ll collect double the special reward that you earn.
Q: When will this feature release?
A: This feature will released to all our users on 07/22/2011.
Q: How do I rob all 9 properties at the same time?
A: You will need the special free boost, the Rob Squad, in order to run the Big Heist. You can send requests to your friends from the free gifts page or from the homepage banner. You can also post feeds to your friends to ask for Rob Squads. When your friends click your feed, they will also collect a free Rob Squad too.
Q: Is there a limit of how many Rob Squads I can get?
A: Yes.  There is a maximum daily limit of 50 Rob Squads that you can collect.  OF that total you can collect a maximum of 2 from free gifts and a maximum of 5 free Rob Squads from clicking on your friends’ feeds each day.
Q: Do I need to use stamina to rob all 9 properties if I got my Rob Squad?
A: Yes. You will need to have the same amount of stamina as you’d normally use to rob Properties. Make sure you have enough stamina to pull off the Big Heist. You may use a free stamina pack or buy a stamina refill if you don’t. 
Q: What benefit do I get from doing the Big Heist?
A: You will automatically get twice the number of rewards you get for clearing all 9 properties on the robbing board. You do not need to have a 9-0 record to collect double the rewards.
However, your chances improve by 20% to steal from all 9 properties successfully when you pull off the Big Heist.
Q: Where can I find the Big Heist?
A: Visit any robbing page in any of the cities or destinations in Mafia Wars. You can view how many Rob Squads you own on the right-hand side of the page.
Q: How long will the Big Heist be available?
A: The feature is tentatively scheduled to run for one week.

Extracted from Mafia Wars Blog:

The Big Heist Get ready to do some extreme robbing to pull off the Big Heist.
For the following week you'll be able to rob all 9 properties on the Robbing page at the same time with just one click! You'll need the Rob Squad to help you perform the Big Heist, however. Get Rob Squads by sending requests from the Free Gifts page or homepage banner that promotes the Big Heist. You can also post feeds to ask friends to send you Rob Squads. (They'll get one too for helping.)
Once you got your Rob Squads and a good heap of stamina, you're ready to run the Big Heist. You'll collect double the special reward you get when you clear all 9 properties on the Robbing page at the same time. Performing the Big Heist also improves your chances by 20% to rob all 9 properties successfully.
The Rob Squad You can store up to 50 Rob Squads to run your Big Heist during this week-long event. You'll also need to have enough stamina to clear the robbing board, though. If you don't, you can purchase a stamina refill or use one of the free stamina packs your Mafia's been sending you.
Put on your robbing masks and get ready to clean house!


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