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Friday, July 29, 2011

Declare War Loot Claw Back Happening Soon!

Zynga will soon be rolling back War Rewards which "we should not have received" soon. 
Is it players fault or Zynga's? Personally, i'll say that it's Zynga's fault since they have left the glitch out there for so long without fixing it....

Declaring war and helping your friends out with their wars is a great way to collect some awesome loot. Because the war loot is so awesome, we limit how much of it can be collected in a day to maintain game balance.

We have discovered that some of you have collected more than you should have. We will be reclaiming this extra war loot over the next few weeks. This will only effect non-giftable, tier 2, high-end war loot and above.

So, to recap: If you have collected more high-end loot from wars than you should have, we will be adjusting your quantity of that loot to what you should have earned within the appropriate limits.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Although it may have been "unfair" for some players to have collected more than their "fair share" of war loot, they have likely made decisions to gift unused giftable loot based on their current inventories. Punishing them at this stage, months after having accumulated whatever war loot they may have is undue punishment. Unless Zynga reimburses them with an equal amount of max-value giftable loot, the players are essentially being ripped off rather than "balanced" as Zynga intends. Let bygones be bygones and focus on fixing bugs, not adjusting player accounts to compensate for Zynga's ineffective software development.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

If Zynga has a permanent fix to the crappy code that let this loot out in the first place then that's all the time they need spend on this so called problem. The loot that got out will wither on the vine when fight and job drop loot is put into the game that is stronger than loot they want to wast their time removing from the game. Loot goes obsolete fast in this game and is not nearly as strong as skill. Zynga makes themselves look stupid when the announce in public that because they can't set limits that are fair and work all the time then we will just steal your loot because we are to stupid to stop you from getting it.

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