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Monday, July 18, 2011

Raven Combos

Green => Knife....Knuckle.....Sniper shot.....Bat
Yellow => Knuckle....Knuckle.....Bat....Sniper shot
Red => Knife.....Sniper shot.... Sniper shot.......Bat

where to find?

Knife = jobs
Bat = robbing
Knuckle = fights
Sniper shots = ice/kill players

p.s. items will only drop when u have the boss fight active.

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

is there a way to defeat him without spending reward points

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

i iced like 500 people while the raven was active and i just got 2 sniper shots...

Haider said... [Reply to comment]

what im going to do is gather 50 of each (which will take time) and then start fighting him :)

Scott S said... [Reply to comment]

Just finished beating him. I can safely say that there is no way to defeat him WITHOUT spending RPs. I had 50 of each collected apart from Sniper Shot when he became active - but the Sniper Shots simply dont drop. The combos are essential to beat and ALL combos require the Sniper Shot. The others if all used probably take him down by about 15000 to 20000. I had to spend 20 RPs and then use them with the others. Still a good item for 20 RPs but if anyoen can tell me how to do it without spending I would like to know.
Scott S

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