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Saturday, July 23, 2011

This & Next Week - 7/22/2011

Released This Week
New Mission Event: The Ties that Bind
Kidnap the politician's daughter to claim your ransom - the Glamour Helmet (62 attack, 150 defense).
Family Chat 2.0
Get player updates with embedded links to help your Family in wars, operations, and more in your Chat window. You can also pop out your Family chat in a separate window so you don't miss a beat while playing the game.
We cleaned up the bugs with this feature and re-released this into the wild on Tuesday. When you lose a fight, you can take vengeance on your opponent for 3RP to gain full health, 10% stamina, and a one-time 200% attack bonus. Let us know what you think of it.
New Collector's Edition Items To Be Released Weekly!
7,000 of a new item is released every Friday. You have 24 hours to buy them.
The Big Heist
Earn double rewards for clearing a robbing board in one click. You'll also improve your chances by 20% to rob all 9 properties successfully when you run the Big Heist.
The Italian Jobs
Triple mastery in Italy districts through July 26 and the chance for a fierce ruby-throated hummingbird (86 attack/86 defense).

This Week's Major Bug Fixes
No notable bug fixes to report.

Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled...for now.
New Mission Event: Betrayal in Bangkok
This may be your last night in Bangkok, but one night can make the world your oyster. The city is shutting down so you'll need to raid it while you still can.
Farmers Insurance Loot Event
It's a rough world out there. Protect your valuables by collecting 7 Farmers Insurance items from jobs and fights. You'll also be able to earn fighting and robbing boosts.

Changes to Assassin Boss Fight: The Raven
We've heard your feedback.

Got Feedback?
Help us make better Mafia Wars features and events. Please take these 2-question surveys to let us know what you think about the following:
Stamina Packs
Brazil Ruby Level Loot Mastery Event


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