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Thursday, October 6, 2011

FBMWAddon: Mafia Wars Maniac Mod (v0.47.0) + DOWNLOAD LINK

The Mafia Wars Maniac Mod (MWM Mod) have been updated to the latest version, it also comes with a new edited bookmarklet, actual bookmarklet was made by Lucifer.

The new edited script in the latest update: MWM Mod: Property Parts.

Clicking on "MWM Mod: Ask For Property Parts" in the MWM Mod menu, it will open this popup -

As you can see from above, it said "ERROR OCCURRED!!". The reason was because I did not click on "View Parts" on the Home Page of Mafia Wars. Once you click on "View Parts" and run this bookmarklet, the property parts help post will either popup or automatically be posted on your Facebook wall (depends on your Facebook setting).

And here is the current look of the MWM Mod:

Instructions to use the links below:
  1. Click on one of the links below
  2. Wait for the 5 seconds countdown located at top right of page
  3. Click on "SKIP AD"  
  4. Enjoy the MWM Mod! 

MWM can be used on both Firefox and Google Chrome.

Installation Guide for Firefox -
  1. Install Greasemonkey here
  2. Download the MWM Mod here
  3. Enjoy.
Installation Guide for Google Chrome -
  1. Install plugin here
  2. Download the MWM Mod here
  3. Enjoy.

- Thanks to Dakam for the perfect addon
- Thanks to Dimitar for the menu design
- Thanks to Spockholm for the mission link bm ^^
- Thanks to Lucifer for the ask for parts bm


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I am having a problem with my MWM Manic Mod and looking for ideas as to what it might be
In my free Gift Centre ...I am not receiving gifts or requests anymore showing in that tab ... I have the recent updates for the plugin and the MWM Manic Mod. I have given permissions for everything also as it asked and I have also closed browser and reopened after a fresh install or update is completed. It just seemed to stop filling up with gifts / requests as it once did. This has been ongoing now for about a week.I have searched everything I could think of in face book settings and also in the config settings for the MWM Mod.. I am not seeing where the settings are blocking anything, but sure could use some suggestions.

Hayden said... [Reply to comment]

@Anonymous 1, check out this page:

Do you see requests for Mafia Wars? If yes, it might be a problem with the MWM Mod.

On my hand, i'm still able to use the Free Gift Centre properly, i am able to see all the gifts... It might be a problem on your side though.. :(

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Greetings Hayden
I tried the link you suggested, I do not see a request for Mafia Wars on that page( if you meant request for access to MW app) The only thing on that link is all my game requests, but MW isn't one of them atm showing requests for help or other.
I did find that disabling the secure browsing fixed seeing the gifts showing in the free gift centre tab!
It didn't solve all problems but it did sole loading gifts to that tab. The other problems are still existing
1. Ask for property parts - doesn't work when view parts tab is open and you click that tab .. it tries to load then it closes the view parts popup and then gives you the error message of having to open view parts tab first.

There is a few smaller quirks that don't seem to make sense and I am sure if these other non functional items were to work properly the rest would fall into place.
I have done everything I can think of now to rectify this on my own before referring to this blog for help. I cleared caches and data from chrome, Closed and reopened, uninstalled all existing plugins and MWM tools for fresh re install before dumping data. I have closed browser each time to ensure a good install.I have went through profile settings and privacy settings in FB to make sure I didn't have anything blocked and I disable secure browsing which had been enabled. I am all cleaned up and set to go with a fresh new everything.. Unfortunately I still am experiencing problems. Thanks for replying to me I only posted here in hopes my problem can at least give others a small insight too. Anyone who has enabled the secure browsing.. should disable that.. it is bad news !!!!!


Hayden said... [Reply to comment]

@Anonymous, if Mafia Wars gift requests are not showing up on the link i suggested, the Free Gifts Center will not be able to search for it..

To make the Mafia Wars gift requests show up, you may want to block other games which requests are showing up and that should make the MW gift requests show up.. :)

As for the Ask for Property Parts script, it is currently still in beta mode, but it should work. - I have just tested it and it worked, see:

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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