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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mafia Wars and CityVille Cross Promotion + Reward

If you do not want to visit CityVille for the reward, you can claim the reward directly via:

By accessing Mafia Wars, you will receive this screen immediately.

Zynga wants us to try out CityVille. I went ahead and clicked on "Play Now". Another tab/window will appear and CityVille will load. (You can choose to close the CityVille window immediately as Zynga will reward us the item, Firefighter Helmet, immediately after you click on "Play Now".

I thought for a moment, would Zynga be this kind to us? So i went to the Inventory page and searched for Firefighter Helmet. To my surprise, I actually received the item.

My own view on this Cross Game Promotion:
Electronic Arts new game, The Sims Social, is the Top 2 game played on Facebook right now. Zynga's game, Cityville remained as Top 1, however, it seems that the The Sims Social will be catching up soon, thus Zynga have decided to make us open the CityVille game so as to increase the DAU/MAU of the game.

Latest CityVille application metrics: (Image from


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