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Friday, October 14, 2011

Tips and Tricks concerning Mafia Wars.01

Hi all! Tips and Tricks concerning Mafia Wars will be a new column in the Mafia Wars Maniac blog. You may consider it as a small guide, where I will be trying presenting a few ideas and tips concerning the game ... our game ... sometimes already published, sometimes plain "fresh". This text will be updated continuously, but not daily, with everything new found. So, I hope that you like this effort and I'll be expecting your comments and questions, which are going to be most than welcome ... always!

Operations, Wars and more
While doing jobs, fights or robbing you may get the chance for a new operation to appear. Take a look at the following image:

At that moment you may don't want to start it immediately. What would you do?

Just press the game banner, found on the top left of the game screen, in order to refresh it. That way the operation exists in your operation inventory but it is saying: You haven't started this operation yet!, which means that time hasn't started counting yet.

You may wish to do something else. You may want particular friends to join this operation and you do not want everyone to participate. With the launch of the new operations' and wars' system, there is no secret or hidden post any more.
When you press the blue button (Publish), even if you have decided this post to be visible only to you, all your Top Mafia members already know that you just made a post ... and sometimes even people not in your mafia know about this. So, do not be surprised when you make a post of an operation, as hidden, and you see people unknown participating.

What you'd rather do? Check the blue title (the one with the red border in the image). This is the link. Right-click it, select Copy and send it in a private message to your friends. And do NOT press the Publish button. Press Cancel. If something goes wrong, then in 30 minutes you have the chance to post this operation once more.

PS. Everything written is applied to Wars as well.


Ryan C said... [Reply to comment]

nice tip G..very good

Lars said... [Reply to comment]

Or you can use the HMWUnframer instead of pressing the banner, if you wanna reload the game in unframed mode with scrollbar.

Lars said... [Reply to comment]

And here´s is another little trick

Lars said... [Reply to comment]

And i just forgot, If you use the HMWUnframer and then the Spockholm unframer you will remove the zynga games banner AND the MW2 banner on the top of your MWpage.

G(R)eek said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you guys for your kind words. Lars, thank you for the extra info but all I wanted to show was an easy method not to start the operation; there is always the option to close the current MW window and then reload the game :-) .

Lars said... [Reply to comment]

@G(r)eek you´re right. it was just to tell how to save some clicks :)

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