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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family Property Items

As mentioned in the This & Next Week - 12/9/2011 article, you should have already noticed that there is a new feature coming out this week, called the Family Properties. However, we should be seeing the 'properties' be released one by one, thus it should be named as Family Property for the moment.

By running the Inventory History script daily, you should see newly items added to the Inventory. Zynga have added 2 items for the Family Property feature today, Artillery Shell and Consumable for Clan property.

The first item is the Artillery Shell. It looks more to be a consumable since it has a stat of 0/0. We probably have to collect this consumable to build/upgrade the Family Property. Instead of the 3 consumables required for the New York Limited Time Properties, we only need 1 here, right?

The next item is the Consumable for Clan property. I'm not really sure why the text, 'Consumable', is in the item name as it has a stat of 80/129. This item should probably be the item you can build from the Family Property, however, i might be wrong.

Another silly mistake by Zynga is that the both the Consumable for Clan property and Cream Machine(Lucky Stash Spin Reward) are using the same image. Both images are linking to the same location: here.


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