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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Massive Collector and Sender

David, the writer of the FB Mafia Wars Addon, have recently updated his script with the modified Massive Collector. His script also comes along with a new feature, The Massive Sender.


Massive Collector:
  1. Ability to collect your Zynga Message Center(ZMC) requests
  2. Possibility to select the gift you want to collect and the amount.
  3. Ability to choose which gift(s) you intend to collect
  4. Ability to only send gifts back (only the ones you can send back)
  5. Ability to add friends to the "Active Friends List"
Massive Sender:
  1. Send requests and any amount of gifts to ALL your mafia with a few clicks
  2. Select friends from the default Mafia Wars list, and also the Addon list, Active Friends.
  3. Ability to edit selected friends manually
  4. No matter which request you send, Massive Collector would collect them all
  5. Keeps your Zynga Message Center full of gift requests.


FB MafiaWars Addon can be used on both Firefox and Google Chrome.

Installation Guide for Firefox -
  1. Install Greasemonkey here
  2. Download the Add-on here
  3. Enjoy.
Installation Guide for Google Chrome -
  1. Install plugin here
  2. Download the Add-on here
  3. Enjoy.


{kIllEr$}SafireX [GM] said... [Reply to comment]

Hey not sure if anyone has noticed that MWaddon & Gift blaster are not sending 'Red Mystery Bags' it ends up sending as a 'Blue Mystery Bag' tested this out alot with my 2nd accounts, there is a script/bm that will force the 'Red Mystery Bag' they should include this or fix it be good.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, i knew there was a reason our clan wasn't getting red mystery bags.

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