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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Save Mafia Wars – Update

UPDATE: We had a very constructive conversation with the Mafia Wars team. They explained that the problem with excess health has created a scenario where a significantly large population (thousands of users) was simply no longer able to be iced (using autohelaers or manually, it didn’t matter). The change to the heal timer was made to make it possible (but still difficult) to ice such high health players. The game quickly becomes no fun if all anyone can do is dump their stamina on a target and never get any sort of progress toward defeating it, esentailly shooting tons of bullets into invincible gods. Clan play really depends on each side being able to claim ices on the other side, so this change was necessary to restore the balance.

We also discussed the use of 3rd party scripts. Officially 3rd party scripts are against the Terms of Service, however Zynga knows that they are widely used. What is imporant to Zynga is that 3rd Party scripts do not give users an unfair advantage over users that choose to play manually. Zynga is currently experiencing issues with very high server loads, which is potentially related to some 3rd Party script. If Zynga determines that UnlockedMW is causing this, we will modify UnlockedMW to help alleivate the issue. We would expect that the other big name script providers such as Spockholms or Playerscipts would be willing to make any modifications required as well. Perhaps someday will come when the script authors and Zynga can come to a formal agreement, until then we will have to continue working informally.

Alex – CEO

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SOURCE: Save Mafia Wars – Update (On UnlockedMW)


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