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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Save Mafia Wars

This petition have been floating around my News Feeds since yesterday. It seems that Zynga is trying to kill Mafia Wars, and just yesterday, Zynga changed the way healing works.
Rumor is that Zynga's next move is aimed to put an end to programs and scripts that have been part of the game since the beginning.

By signing in the petition, we want Zynga to:
  1. Restore the heal timer to its original configuration
  2. Work with the script authors to modify the terms of service to allow 3rd party tools and set reasonable limits to the actions these tools can perform. 

Remember to click on the Facebook "Like" button, this also helps you to auto post it on your Facebook Wall to spread the petition even further.

Upon clicking on "Like", you will see this post immediately on your own Facebook Wall.

Now to sign the petition, return to this page: Save Mafia Wars, and sign the petition, you will see the required fills on the left of the page.

Enter your full name(required fills), and sign your petition. Location and Notes are optional, but would be great if you add some text into it.

Upon clicking on the "SIGN PETITION" button, you will receive this popup informing you that your signature was added.

After being informed, remember to share the petition to your Facebook so that more of your friends could sign it! :)


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like a rumor, looks like a data mining expedition... no thanks.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

To be honest I will be glad when scripts are really banned from the game. They have destroyed fighting to the point that unless you are running them you dont last more than 30 seconds anymore.

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