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Thursday, December 15, 2011

ZMC Gift Limit Increased to 250!

The amount of gifts which can be stored in your ZMC have been increased! There used to be a 100 gifts limit, and older gifts will be kicked out and removed when new gifts arrive.

The current gifts limit in the ZMC is 250, up from 100. I wanted ZMC to be able to store up to 1000 gifts, but 250 is great, it's better than the 100 limit right? :)

However, since the ZMC can now store 250 gifts, isn't it reasonable for us to be able to accept up to 250 gifts daily?

The clock is ticking! Time before IPO arrives for Zynga is coming! Perhaps they increased the limit so we could write nice things about them... Well, thanks Zynga!


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