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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Zynga Tool Bar

Do you notice that Zynga bar is changing now?
Look at your browser and see the new bar, specially for Mafia Wars game :

I am using FireFox and able to see Zynga tool bar..

If you're using Google Chrome, you might see this white out or snow blind bar!

Apparently that Zynga has now supports Chrome and has their own tool bar. I've tried it and it works!
Go here to install your Mafia Wars tool bar : The official Mafia Wars Game Bar.

Ok, you will need to allow this application to work :

Then you will see the "Install" button available now :

Click on it, just follow the instruction and you will have it installed soon on your Google Chrome bar :

Now I can have my mini e-pack again!!!

Not only that, I also have this bonus for installing Mafia Wars tool bar :

So I have to click on "Play Now" button to have bonus :

It's easy!
Too bad I only got the Common and UnCommon items Xixixixixix

Some people don't want to install this tool bar since they don't want Zynga to have access on their account.
It's your call.. If you don't have anything to hide, why be afraid?

Have a nice day! See ya

PS : Thanks to Golek Inc. for the info!


denies said... [Reply to comment]

I don't get any crate...

Congratulations! You received a Mini Energy Buff which increased your Energy by 200, from using the Mafia Wars Toolbar!

just that popping out in my home page

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