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Friday, May 27, 2011

X-MEN First Class Event FAQ

Here is the X-MEN first Class Event FAQ,For the look of it it will be update on it very soon as I sure it have not fully completed.Here is the reprint I will update if I found them updated:

X-Men is coming to theatres on June 3, 2011, but you can get your first glimpse of the action here. Welcome to the future for an old school style of loot event with a few new twists and turns. This event will give players an opportunity to collect loot through jobs and fighting in the quest of the mastery item.

Q: When does this event begin?
A: This event is scheduled to begin on 5/2611. As with many of our events, this event will be slowly rolled out to our players to ensure stability within the game. Due to the gradual release of this event it will not be immediately available to all of our players.

Q: Why are new events always released to a limited audience?
A: When we release a new feature into the game, we want to ensure that it does not create instability and functions in the way that it was intended. Although we try to release it to the wider audience as quickly as possible, it is imperative that we make sure that it will not interfere with your enjoyment of the game.

Q: Can I manually be added this event if I contact Customer Support?
A: Unfortunately our agents will not be able to manually add you to this event. The wider audience of players will be added in a gradual fashion and our agents do not have the means to expedite this process.

Q: On what date is this event scheduled to end?
A: This event is scheduled to conclude mid-day on 06/02/11.

Q: What if I did not receive the event on the first day that it was released, will I be allowed any extra time to complete the event?
A: This event is designed to be completed within a few days with standard amounts of game play. As with most of our events, we allow extra time within the event schedule to ensure that most players will be able to maximum their time and enjoyment of the event, and collect as many rewards as possible. Because these events are scheduled in advance, additional time can not be added to individual accounts and the event will conclude for all players at the same time.

Q: How will this event work?
A: Players will collect 7 different loot items. There will also be two different boost items that players will be able to send as gifts.

Q: What are the boost items?
A: The two boost items are Magneto's Magnetism and Frost's Diamond Form and they can be found on the gifts page:

Q: What is the Frost's Diamond Form boost used for?
A: This boost is used when a player loots and X-Men item from a fight. The boost is consumed giving the player two more of the looted item.

Q: What is the Magneto's Magnetism boost used for?
A: his boost is used when a player loots and X-Men item from a job. The boost is consumed giving the player two more of the looted item.

Q: How do I determine when the boost will be used?
A: The boosts are used automatically, and will be applied when you find an X-Men loot item while completing jobs or fighting.

Q: Do this boost items count towards the mastery collection?
A: No. The boost are only for assisting your in fights. The do not count towards to the collection for the Mastery Item.

Q: Where do these items drops?
A: These items will drop from jobs and from fights. For of the items will be found while completing jobs, while the remaining three you will be able to collect in fights.

Q: Is there a mastery to this event?
A: Yes! When you complete your set of items you will receive the Mastery Item.

Q: What are the mastery levels?
A: There are four levels of mastery that each player has the chance to obtain.
Bronze Mastery - 70/110
Silver Mastery - 75/120
Gold Mastery - 80/130
Ruby Mastery - 85/140

Q: What is the Mastery Item?
A: The Grand Prize or Mastery Item for this event is Magento's Helmet.

Q: Are these items tradable?
A: Yes. Users can trade all 7 items and can collect up to 4 mastery items.

Q: Is the Mastery Item tradable?
A: No. The Mastery Item cannot be traded.

Q: Can the boosts be tradable?
A: No. The boosts can only be gifted, but they are not tradable.

Q: What happens when I have collected the final mastery item
A: After you have collected the final set of items needed, you will be rewarded the Ruby level of the Ultimate Prize.

Q: How do I keep track of what I have in my inventory?
A: There is an X-Men inventory tab that is located on the missions bar. When you click this tab it will expand showing you the status of your items.

Q: How many of each item can I have?
A: Players can keep up to 10 of each item after they have received the Ruby level Mastery Item. You can determine the number in your inventory by expanding the X-Men tab on the missions bar.

Q: What happens if I find more than 10 of an item?
A: When you have more than ten of any item in your account a timer will start. This timer gives you 30 minutes to post these items to your feed so that someone can collect them.

Q: What will happen if the items are not posted before the timer expires?
A: The items will be removed from your inventory if you do not post them in time.

Q: Will i get any type of credit for the extra items that I do not post in time?
A: No. This is part of the challenge. The extra items must be posted within the 30 minute time frame or they will be lost.

Source:X-MEN First Class Event FAQ


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