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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taps - Memorial Day Item (Post Updated)

As stated on the Mafia Wars Fan Page, we are able to receive the "Taps" weapon for a limited time with qualifying purchase.

A link was provided in the post - - to "get your taps".

I clicked on the link, but there were no popups indicating that i have received the item or what do i have to do in order to receive the item. I decided to check my inventory, but I did not receive it.

So as stated above, "For a limited time, get a free Memorial Day Taps with qualifying purchase!", what does Zynga mean by "Qualifying Purchase"? If anyone knows, please comment below! Thanks :)

After clicking on buy now another pop-up will come.

Since u need at least 86 Reward points u have to spend 46$ to get the weapon! really not worth it cause it is a total rip off.....

Here is a screenshot which i had captured while speaking to a agent via Live Support :

Alright, so this is confirmed. Taps is only available to those who purchases Reward Points.
For those who do not purchase Reward Points, don't worry Zynga have already mentioned that they are finding new ways to provide us great items that actually increases our stats.

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Mafia Secret Service (MSS) said... [Reply to comment]

You need to buy RPs than tap "into this" to get the item :)))

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