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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Game Stop Promotion

There is a new promotion with Zynga and Game Stop. If you buy a Zynga Game Card from Game Stop, you will get The promotion ad can be found on the Home Page Ad Module. We are told that we can get an exclusive bonus item.

Clicking on the "Learn More" link doesn't get you very far. It only directs you to the generic Zynga Game Cards Page. There is nothing mentioned about the promotion.

If you go to the Marketplace and click the "Redeem Game Card" button, you can learn more.
You will see the following banner that lists the loot items you can receive.
This solves the mystery of what some of the new Special Event loot item that were added to our inventory are for (1). The stats for these items are pretty decent and much better than those crappy Ruthless Boosts we've been getting for redeeming Game Cards.
If you go to the Game Stop site, there is a page detailing the promotion. They are called "Exclusive Mystery Goods" but they probably haven't figured out that there aren't many secrets when it comes to loot and Mafia Wars as Zynga adds the items to our inventory and we can see what they are right away. It also says you can get "1, 3 or 6 Mystery Goods" this correlates with the Game Card value which is $10, $25, or $50.
The other Zynga Games are also involved in the promotion. Only the last of the four items are marked "Exclusive" so maybe you can get the other ones from Game Cards purchased from sources other than Game Stop.
Zaigham Kasim of the {ASS} Family redeemed a Game Stop Card and got a a Big Game Stopper.

Special thanks to MW LootLady for this post!


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