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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Updated Daily Take

Special thanks to Jennifer of MW LootLady blog for this post!

The Daily Take has been updated and it's much different than it was before. Now when you click on the Daily Take Link located at the lower right corner of your Home Page Current Event Module or the Collect Button from the Daily Take banner, you will get something different.

You now get to choose from 6 different items. The items get better with each day.
Click on the "Collect" button under the item that you want and it will be rewarded to you.
You can share the items that you didn't want with your mafia by clicking the "Share this take" button. A news feed post will be generated.
When your mafia members click on "Get daily take reward", they will have the option to choose from the remaining rewards. The rewards will vary on which day of the Daily Take is being shared. You can accept up to 5 of these a day.
Here is the reward screen for the post I generated from above.
I chose the last item and here is the screen I got. The second screen is from a post I found in my news feeds.
6 days ago, I posted about 5 new loot items that were added to our inventory (1). They were all labeled as Special Event items and there were many guesses as to what type of event they would be offered.
The mystery of the items shown above has been solved.
If you go past 7 days, the feature becomes The Golden Take. Here is an image from someone who got there. We will have to wait to see what comes next as there shouldn't be anyone above this level at this time. I checked the Official Mafia Wars Blog and the Customer Support page but I think they don't care about informing us anymore. There are many images posted on the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page if you want to see more items that are now offered from the Daily Take.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

7 days reward is getting worse now, before it, we can get +5 att/def/en/sta or +15 health but now we can choose only +1 att/def/en/sta or +3 health. Oh 5h1t!

Bob Petrie said... [Reply to comment]

But the others are better & you can collect 5 extra from others per day. That's 42 (6x7) items you can use per week as opposed to only one. If you took them as skill points you would get 42 instead of 5. A no brainer.

Bob Petrie said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sure if you contact Zynga & agree not to collect any rewards for the first 6 days they will happily give you only 5 skill points on the 7th day. In fact do it yourself by collecting your own & only 4 others instead of 5. No wonder you remained anonymous. I wouldn't like to advertise how dumb I was either...........

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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