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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Boss Fighter Update

A great new feature has been added to the Family Boss Fighter Spocklet. It may not look like much but what it does is awesome. When activated, the Family Boss Fighter will enter a new Boss Fight for you. Now you will never miss a beat or an opportunity to join all of your families Boss Fights.

The purple bar is where you will find the setting to join new fights. You can adjust it to meet your families needs. The default is 50% Racketeer and 50% Arsonists. My family usually does a ratio of 1 Arsonist to every 3 Racketeers. Your setting and how many have already joined the fight will determine what role will be selected for the next fight. You may think that Team Spockholm was having a bad day and forgot to add the Bruiser role. This was by design as nobody should ever join a Family Boss Fight as a Bruiser. It is a totally useless role and can slow your family down.
You can let this run in another window and forget about it. When a new fight begins, The Family Boss Fighter will automatically sign you up. One thing I like to know is what loot items I received. I may miss the collection popup but there are a few tools that can help. The Inventory History Spocklet will let me know what new loot items were added to my inventory. Below are the loot items I received for 4 Family Boss Fights.
The Inventory Group will keep a total of all my Family Boss Fight loot. If you have a good idea of how many items you already own, this option is easier as there is no snap shot required.
If you haven't used the Family Boss Fighter yet, installation instructions can be found here and prior updates here. The Family Boss Fighter is one of the standard Spocklets and already be present on the Spockholm Toolbar.
Many thanks to Jennifer of the MW LootLady Blog for this post !


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