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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Save Don's Dinner Walk Through

Thanks to Jennifer of the MW LootLady Blog for this Walk Through!

Don's Dinner is our Thanksgiving Event. We have 8 days to complete it and most should have it done by tomorrow.

Zynga has posted anything about the event so we must rely on the in game instructions.
The goal of the event is to collect Thanksgiving Turkeys and keep enough of them to collect your loot item reward.
One thing you should notice right away is there are a lot of Asterisks in the instructions. We are limited in how many Thanksgiving Day Turkeys we can collect in a day. 20 from Jobs, 20 from fights and 20 from friends.
Of course there is no limit on buying them with Reward Points. Get them right from the instruction page or go to the Marketplace. To get one of each of the 4 loot items (you can get as many as you want), you will need a total of 200 Thanksgiving Turkeys.
The are very easy to get from doing jobs. If you want a decent experience/energy ratio, activate your Lockpick Bonus and do the District 2 Chicago Job "Secure Hooch To Sell In Your Joint".
If you want to spend as little energy as possible, go to New York and do a 1 or 2 energy job. I did the Associate Tier "Mugging" job which cost 2 energy. The drop rate was pretty good.
I was able to get the remaining 9 Turkeys I could get for the day with just 666 energy.
Getting Turkeys from fighting is a little more complicated. You can track your progress on top of the Fight Page.
You can steal them from other players. You will notice big obnoxious Turkey symbols on the fightlist and that means the player has Turkeys.
You will notice a thing called Turkey Vision. If you activate it, you will be able to see who has unprotected Turkeys for 5 minutes. The first time you activate it it's free. Zynga explains that "When Turkey Vision is active, you'll see who has turkeys which are easier to steal! You have 5 mins of free Turkey Vision.".
Here is what your fightlist will look like with Turkey Vision activated. Targets with a slash through their Turkey Protection are the ones you want to attack.
I iced 3 players in the 5 minutes my Turkey Vision was active but I didn't get any Turkeys. You will notice the ice screen has been modified for the event. Kills still look the same.
So far I'm not impressed with Turkey Vision so I won't be purchasing it with Reward Points. They are crazy to think players would spend 10 Reward Points for 5 minutes of something that doesn't seem to work anyways!
If you steal a Turkey, you will get a notification on top of your fight module.
The good news is this event didn't break the Assassin-a-Nator. I used 3,394 stamina and got 6 Turkeys. The Turkeys are showing up on the loot log yet but I used the Turkey Counter on the Fight Page. I may have gotten more as some could have been stolen. Inventory History is the way to see exactly what's going on with your Turkeys.
Asking your friends for Turkeys is easy. Just click the "Ask" button. If you want to see your post, turn off auto-posting.
When your mafia members click on your post, you get a Turkey. You can get 5 Turkeys per request. I'm not sure what the timer is on the "Ask" buttons. The event was pulled before we could verify if you get one for helping. I imagine you do since there is a 20 per day limit.
Like it or not, people are going to steel your Turkeys. You can get protection from your mafia. Turkey Protection is available on the Free Gift Page. You can accept 20 a day. I don't now the details of how long each Turkey Protection lasts or how it works. Hopefully we can figure that out tonight.
If you want to save a few clicks, here is a link that will take you to the Turkey Protection Send Page. If you don't have the event on your account, this link will be a Blue Mystery Bag.
When you have enough Turkeys to master a level, there will be a "Claim Reward" button on the Home Page.
You don't get your reward when you click on it. It will direct you to the instruction page and you have to click the "Redeem" button.
To get the Bronze Level Butler, you need 25 Turkeys. You can collect that one first or keep your meter going. You need 50 Turkeys for Silver, 75 for Gold and 100 for Ruby. Once you Redeem a reward, those Turkeys disappear and you have to start over. It may prove to be difficult to keep 100 your inventory.
What's unique about the Butler is you can have more than one and getting a higher level will not remove your lower level. Here is the inventory of an account that got the Ruby Level Butler. You can see all levels of the Butler are active and there are 2 Bronze Levels. The bottom line is that we can keep collecting Turkeys and collect as many Butlers as we can for the next 8 days. What fun!


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