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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Problems with fights in manual mode

I am a manual fighter and I like it this way but the manual fighting screen is a total chaos for the last 12 hours. There used to be a 'docked' and 'undocked' feature but now it is gone.

When we used to fight to manually we had the chance to pick another target without losing any time by closing the current fighting screen. Now all options are dimmed and we have to close first the current fight, expect a few seconds to pass for the 'fighting or attackers list' to refresh and then keep on fighting.

And this is not all. After a couple of fights, the fighting screen keeps going down the screen, down, down ... so down, that after a while we have to close the game screen and relaunch it in order to keep playing, since all the buttons disappear.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Mine is totally messed up just like you said. I like to fight manually b/c I win a lot more often than when I use mechanical methods. I get a lot more ices too. My fight screen has moved down the page too and I have to close it before I can hit another person. This is stupid, why can't they fix what is broken??
Yesterday and today so far, I can't accept or return any gifts from the Game page. Menu is okay but the ones that land on the Game page are mounting. The last time I looked, I had 175 gifts back there. They need to concentrate on fixing whatever has happened to totally mess this game up!!!!!!

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