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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gift Sender [BETA]

As all of you should have already known, Zynga messed with the gifting feature by updating their Requests feature and broke all the gifting links. Gift link generators such as the Link-a-Nator, Mafia Wars Addon, and many other are no longer in the correct working order. Those generators could still generate you a link, however your mafia would only see a huge piggy upon loading your link.

Lucifer have made a script for the Gifting Feature to show all the available gifts which are sendable:

The Gift Sender [BETA] also have the Spockholm script, Gift Clicker integrated. It should automatically select 50 friends upon clicking on the Spockholm icon.

Drag and drop this into your Bookmarks Bar: Gift Sender [BETA]
Click here to install into your Mafia Wars Addon: MWAddon Plugin Install
Install the Userscripts version (Replaces the 'Free Gifts' page with Gift Sender [BETA]: Get Userscript Version
Copy the encoded text below to install into your Spockholm Toolbar:


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