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Saturday, November 26, 2011

NY building parts and the Botanical Garden

Zynga did it again! Instead of doing something in favor of all the players e.g. raising the limits of gifts in the ZMC and stop them from quitting the game, the code was changed once more making our playing time less entertaining.

From now on whenever a property is upgraded all posts requesting building parts return Feed Expired as answer. I really do not understand this. Mafia Wars was supposed to be fun playing not making us face the new challenges the developers are presenting continuously.

So, after the new changes there is no other solution but keep using the bookmarklet Mission Crew Link from Team Spockholm, in order to publish building parts' posts sooner than the 8 hours limit. All necessary information on how to use the bookmarklet can be found here.

Although if you create too many building parts requests, there may be times your team mates may see as an answer that they have already answered to this post (when clicking more than one of your requests for building parts). Thanks to Brewok, a Mafia Wars Maniac family member, there is a solution to this as well. Just wait a few minutes, refresh your game screen and publish a new post or do a couple of jobs or fights and repost!

PS. Did you see next week's news? A new gift mastery event is about to appear named Incognito. Without gift links, with the ZMC able to hold only 100 gifts, I have no idea how we'll manage to achieve full mastery.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you for this information...
In my opinion, at most cases we should first publish the any part post and then after it is complete, we can publish the item which we need more parts out of the 3 to upgrade...
If we need 3 items or less to upgrade, we try to receive the parts from friends' upgrading posts from newsfeed before taking out our posts...
At least this has worked for me in all NY property upgrades...

G(R)eek said... [Reply to comment]

To Anonymous: thanks a lot my friend for sharing your ideas with us. Your opinion is well justified and this is the best way for upgrading a building.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

As is quite obvious with these new New York properties. They don't want you to complete the relevant upgrade on each one because you can not drop any of the build items in jobs, robbing or in fights. So they know the only way to do it again is to buy rewards and buy the parts needed. Well done zynga you got your hand in our pockets again without some people noticing. Watch the playing figures drop yet again due to your greed yet again.

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Small tip:
Open up MW in several windows, all of them on your MW home page. Ask for any part from the first window, wait some minutes, then from the second window and so on.. Do not ask for any specific part until you've asked for any parts from all windows open.
Please note that after an upgrade all posts asking for help is now dead,not as before where they continued to work..

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