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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Battle Rewards Are Back

Thanks to Jennifer of MWLootLady Blog for this post!

It looks like Zynga realizes that without rewards features are not utilized. The Family Battles now offer rewards and hopefully it will last more than a day like last time. The banner states "For a limited time" but I'm hoping this is due to laziness of a copy/paste and the rewards will be here to stay.

If you follow the path outlined on the image below, you can collect from your last 5 Family Battles. Go to the Family Page, select the Battle Tab and then click on the "Family Battle History" link.
You should find 5 collect buttons. Click on the "Collect" button.
You will then get the results page and there will be another collect button. Click on that to get your rewards.
The rewards are Boss Fight loot items. Everybody in the family will get one regardless if you participated in the battle or not. The better you do, the better item you get. These are the 5 items I got and I haven't participated in any of the last five battles. One and four hour battles offer the same loot so if you want more of it make sure you only do 1 hour battles.


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