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Friday, November 11, 2011

Requesting Help From Your Mafia Is Now Easier Than Ever!

New Crew Request WindowSending & requesting gifts and asking your Mafia members to join your City and Mission Crews has received an upgrade to make getting help from your Mafia easier than ever! Here are the recent changes to the Requesting experience:
A New Look
The Facebook-style list and buttons that previously appeared in the Request window have been replaced to better match the look of Mafia Wars. (See the Crew Request window at left as an example.)

Select More Recipients
The maximum number of recipients you can select at a time has been increased to 50, and you can send gifts and requests to multiple batches of 50!
Fewer Clicks Required
You can now check a box that allows you to skip seeing Facebook's request post preview and second "Send Requests" button when you send requests to the same recipients in the future!

How To Send Requests With Fewer Clicks
Facebook Request Post Confirmation WindowWhen you receive the Facebook request post confirmation window the first time you send a request with the new system, make sure that the box next to "Don't ask before sending Mafia Wars requests to..." is checked before clicking Facebook's "Send Requests" button. This whitelists the recipients so you aren't presented with the Facebook request post confirmation window when sending requests to them in the future. Whitelist your entire mafia and you may never have to see that Facebook request post confirmation window ever again!

A Note About Mafia Wars Requests on the Facebook Game Requests Page
The enhancements above were made possible by shifting the handling of Mafia Wars requests to be entirely in-game. Another change that results from this is in the behavior of Mafia Wars requests on the Facebook Game Requests page. Before, you were able to accept Mafia Wars requests on that page. Now, the "Accept" buttons bring you into the game, where you can accept all gifts, etc. in the ZMC. Also of note, handling requests entirely in our system means the error codes KE-29, AF-77, and MC-24 sometimes encountered when accepting gifts through the Facebook Game Request page will cease to be problem! These error messages will become a thing of the past once all old requests are cleared out, which should happen within approximately 30 days.
We hope you enjoy the improved Requesting experience. Check it out by sending some free gifts to your Mafia!


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