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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tips and Tricks concerning Mafia Wars.07

Hi all! I believe that by now most of you, you have already joined a family. And you did pretty well since being a member of a family has many advantages ... and only one disadvantage from what I have seen.

1. The most important of all I believe, when you become a member of an MW family, is the fact of 'facing' everything together, either good or bad. A game problem of a clan member becomes immediately a problem of all; the opposite is true as well. At least this is happening in MW families with 'tight bonds'.

2. The second most important is the perks; playing all together in order to gain certain bonuses. As Zynga stated in its blog last week, we should be expecting new levels of family progression this week.

3. Boss fights is one more new feature available to your account, only when you are member of a family. Once again, playing all together and spending your stamina or consumables -gained through the game or offered as free gifts- the possibility is offered to be rewarded with four good loot items with stats over 100.

And this is not all. When you belong to a family you have the possibility to join another member's war, city crew (Brazil or Chicago) or click to his level-up bonus without even being FB friends with this person.

But being a member of a family is not only the right to earn a reward but it is as well the responsibility to let the rest of the family members to gain the same reward. This is succeeded through the Family mission and completing daily the four stages of the family XP progress. This might seem a bit difficult but truly isn't. In our next blog post we'll deal with easy ways to complete at least two out of four daily tasks: helper and property.

Being a member of a family in Mafia Wars nowadays is a must. Don't skip the chance to gain all the rewards we have mentioned before. The only disadvantage of this -as far as I have noticed- is keeping 'friendships' created before the appearance of this feature; your old MW team mates may still belong to your mafia but ...

So, you should still keep doing jobs, crafting items in NY, helping other players and certainly icing opponents!


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