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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cuba: Robbing Mission Bug #1 (Solution)

On the first part of the Return to Cuba mission, most players are already having error getting pass it due to the Robbing page bug.

There are 2 tasks in Part 1 of the mission which have been 'bordered' in the image below requires you to rob to receive the items. Problem right now is that we can't rob!

The moment you visit the Robbing page in Cuba, all you get is the following screen with absolutely no properties to rob!

  1. Visit the Fight Page
  2. Click on one of the opponent's name to open profile
  3. Click on Rob
  4. The items needed for your mission will drop.

    SOLUTION: #2
    1. Visit New York robbing page
    2. Start to rob
    3. The items needed for your mission will also drop.

    SOLUTION: #3
    1. Hover your mouse over the "Account" drop down tab in Mafia Wars
    2. Click on Support
    3. You can now either contact Zynga through Live Chat or Email.


      Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

      solution 4
      rob a "friends" account

      Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

      But how does that help with the third mission. You have to clear 3 robbing boards and I am finding that impossible. I have been stuck there. I'm just hoping you have a solution for it as well. let me know please because i would like to advance.

      Hayden said... [Reply to comment]

      @Anonymous above:
      To clear 3 robbing boards, try visiting New York's robbing page and rob. :)

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