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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Return to Cuba - Mission Walk Through (Detailed Version)

For the less detailed version of the Walk Through, visit: Return to Cuba - Mission Walk Through

The Return To Cuba Mission has 7 Parts and we have 6 days to finish it. There was nothing too difficult. The loot that drops and is given as rewards not to mention the experience bonuses makes this Mission worth doing. I ran into a bug with the Mission Crew requests in Part 4 but that is to be expected of Zynga. It's too much to expect everything to work. Robbing is still not available in Cuba but the items drop when you rob in New York.

Part 1
The Cat Is Away
Zynga mixed it up a bit and the objectives look a little different then we are used to. The idea with the first objective is to loot different items from doing various in game tasks. You must fight and rob to get the 4 items listed. If you started doing job in Cuba you will notice that they also drop but they don't count for this objective. They will probably show up on future tasks.
The stats of these items are really good for something that drops during fights and robs.
If you are doing this part early on, you will also find you can't rob in Cuba. I just used Reward Points so I could get this post out but Customer Support will probably assist you.  I found out after the fact that robbing in New York will drop these items.
There is a new item called the Augmenter and it will give you 2X the loot drop to make this task easier. You can ask for them once every 2 hours.
Click on the help mark to learn more about Augmenters.  They only help with Mission task loot.
You can hold up to 99 at a time. Click the "Ask" button to generate a news feed post.
Augmenters are also available through the Free Gift system.
You will get a check mark by each item as you collect the required numbers.
You will get 2 more Smokers as a loot reward for completing Part 1 of the Mission.
 Part 2
Run The Guns
Use the updated Mission Crew Link bookmarklet by Team Spockholm to make this task super easy. You will notice a new feature that will allow you to post the request to group walls. I posted mine to the {ASS} Family wall and it was done in no time.
Now loot 8 Trigger Happy's from fights and you are done. These items have great stats and make the Mission much more enjoyable. There are no loot item rewards but the Trigger Happy's sure make up for it.
Part 3
Nobody Say Nothing
You need to clear 3 robbing boards and they don't have to be in Cuba.
Objective 2 will be auto checked for many of you if you have enough Backpacks from previous Missions.
If not there will be an option to ask for them, just click on it and wait for your mafia to send them to you.
The last objective is quite simple. Zynga gives us the go ahead and states that we should acquire Cuban Mercenaries "any way you can". 
With Zyng'a permission, here is how my first attempt went. I was hoping not to use any of my own energy but it didn't work.  I used an energy account and did the 7th job in the first Tier of Cuba, "Establish Contact With The FGR". This is where Cuban Mercenaries drop.
I then used the Gift-a-Nator which auto updates and sent them to myself. To get in on the "Buggy Pre Release" of the Gift-a-Nator, go here.
Unfortunately, this didn't work so you have to loot them from your own account in order for them to count towards the Mission. I should have known it wouldn't have been that easy. You can also get them from robbing but you have to do individual profile robbing as the robbing board isn't working yet. Accepting Free Gifts or collecting from your Cuban Bribery Ring will also work.
The loot reward for this part of the Mission 1 Barrier Coat.
 Part 4
With Us Or Against Us
Win 25 fights in Cuba. The fightlist seems to be populated so this shouldn't be a problem for anyone. The Assassin-a-Nator is working just fine in Cuba.  There isn't a fancy Cuban banner but I'm sure Team Spockholm will add that soon.
Get Support From Your Mafia 12 times. Use the method I described in Part 1.  I had a bug and none of the clicks were counting. 
I sent individual requests and those didn't count either. I couldn't get Live Chat (nice Platinum service) so I tried something different and it worked. When I accepted Mission Crew requests from my ZMC, some of them counted. This task took quite a while to complete and I don't appreciate it.
Loot 6 Cuban Mercenaries from jobs as described in Part 3. Mine was auto checked so hopefully you will be lucky too. There are no loot rewards for this part of the Mission.
Part 5
Come One, Come All
Collect from your Bodega 3 times. You can collect on your Bodega once every 8 hours so plan accordingly.
Craft one vehicle from your Chop Shop. You can craft one vehicle every 18 hours from the Chop Shop.
Acquire 15 Cuban Mercenaries from jobs, robs or Free Gifts as described earlier or you can collected from your Bribery Ring and get the job done in one click.
The loot rewards for Part 5 are 3 CM Tangos.
Part 6
Declare a war 3 times. You can declare a war once every 8 hours. You're going to need to win two wars in the part of the Mission. I would close out your help window and post the link once you finish this part of the Mission.
Ask your mafia for 8 Backpacks.
Rob 8 Bribery Rings. The robbing board is jacked up in Cuba but you can individually rob. This will just take some time.
The loot rewards are 3  Goliath Groupers.
Part 7
Steal The Words
You need to win two wars. Hopefully you waited to post your link from Part 6 and that should cover you for one of them. If you are the last person to attack a player of the other side and the war is won with your attack, it will count.
Now just ice 20 opponents in Cuba. Easier said then done as everybody seems to be in Cuba.
The rewards include the Mission Grand Prize which is the Sleet.  You also get a larger than normal Experience Bonus so make sure you're strategic when accepting it.

SOURCE: Return To Cuba Mission Walk Through


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