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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Issues

Zynga added a Family Requests Tab to the Zynga Message Center.  The only problem is it doesn't work.
You can see the Family icon is hiding behind the tab and when you click on it nothing happens. I've tried in Chrome, FireFox and  It's not a bad idea so hopefully they will get it straightened out soon.
We were told, ten days ago, that the option to send gifts to your Family members was not intentionally removed and that it would be returned (1). I'm still waiting.....
While I'm on the topic of Families. WTF is going on with the Family Progression feature?  This is the second day in a row that the timer reset but the objectives didn't. It's going to take a long time as it is for Families to get to Level 10, getting Zynga'd isn't helping the situation. How hard can this be to fix? The have no troubles when it comes to "fixing" Power Packs, Exp/Energy ratios and War loot counts.
SOURCE: Family Issues


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