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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last & This Week - 8/29/2011

Released Last Week
Family Boss Fight: Jeff The Knife
Jeff The Knife thinks he can cut you down to size. Use the collaborative strength of your family to show him that he's not as sharp as he thinks he is!

Power Pack Experiment Entered Phase 2
Entering Phase 2 means we are getting closer to determining the proper balance and releasing some form of Power Packs to everyone.

Group Sale Items
There's (More) Strength In Numbers

Boost Mastery Event: Arch Enemies
Draw strength from these boosts. Your enemies will quiver with fear.

Last Days Of Summer Marketplace Sale
Fill the Last Days Of Summer sales bar by purchasing 15 items in the Marketplace* to receive an Aurora (140/81)!

Coming This Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.

Temporary Visa: Return To Cuba!
Your chance has come to sneak back into Cuba. Be sure to hurry, though, as the Neo-Imperium won’t be fooled for long.

Mission Event: Return To Cuba
We've been given a tip that the Neo-Imperium have lowered their guard in Cuba. Now's your chance to take back what's yours!

Phobia Crates
If you think you're not afraid of anything, you will be after you see the 8 fears we've boxed up!

NYC Buildable Items Upgrade
High-level items buildable in NYC properties get the Bronze Star treatment.

Got Feedback?
Help us make better Mafia Wars features and events. Please take these very quick surveys to let us know what you think about the following:
Family Boss Fight: Jeff The Knife
Group Sale Items
Boost Mastery Event: Arch Enemies
Gold Mystery Bags


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