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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FBMWAddon: Mafia Wars Maniac (VERSION - PREVIEW

Dakam have updated his script which fixed most of the bugs that have been floating around when his PC was down..

I have also updated our Mafia Wars Maniac MOD to match his addon. I'll update the MWM Mod each time David updates his script! :)

Download link will be released sometime tomorrow or the day after today so i can do a few more check on the MWM Mod.

Current look of the Mafia Wars Maniac MOD:
Dimitar have granted me permission to use his custom menu look. :)

There are some new features modified in the MWM Mod, see:

// **Mafia Wars Maniac MODS**:
//- Updated all the codes which David have changed [MWM]
//- Changed the look of the menu, special thanks to Dimitar! [MWM]

//- Fixed the get TinyURL link button for Gifts, Mission Crew, etc [MWM]

//- Fixed Check For Update, a Popup will now appear once a new version have been added [MWM]

//- Removed "App Ticker" or "Sidebar" beside Mafia Wars. (Also works for other games/apps on Facebook) [MWM]

//- Fixed Operations Center bug (Might not work for all) [MWM]

//- Fixed Battlefield random attack bug [MWM]

//- Ice Season ice count is now showing properly as intended [MWM]
//- Total Ice Count is now showing properly as intended [MWM]
//- MWM image is made smaller by 10 pixels [MWM]
//- Toolbar Bonus links are switched to a different URL shortener [MWM]

//- Added Unframe MW beside Check Updates [MWM]
//- Added Assassin-a-Nator (Fight) [MWM]
//- Added Robber BG Beta (Rob) [MWM]
//- Added RepeatJob Beta (Loader) [MWM]
//- Added Quick Healer [MWM]
//- Added Donate button [MWM]
//- Added Mafia Wars Maniac Logo [MWM]

//- Battlefield ice counts are fixed. [MWM]
//- Share ice counts are working now [MWM]
//- Iced tab in Battlefield is fixed, but ice count will not show [MWM]
//- Added link to Mafia Wars Maniac Blog [MWM]
//- Added link to Mafia Wars Maniac Facebook Fanpage [MWM]
//- Added link to get Email Bonus [MWM]
//- Added link to get Lucky Stash Spin Bonus [MWM]
//- Added link to get Toolbar Bonus [MWM]
//- Added link to get Atlantic City Bonus [MWM]


BigDawg said... [Reply to comment]

Home Feed center seems to be broke at 11:30 pm aug 25

Hayden said... [Reply to comment]

@BigDawg, the newest version which can be seen on the post is not yet released..
It should be released later today or tomorrow. :)

The newer version might fix the Home Feed Center..

Asad said... [Reply to comment]

Still waiting patiently

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Could you tell me if there's a "wishlist adder" somewhere? Thank you.

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