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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Power Packs FAQ

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Power Packs

Updated 08/18/2011 at 16:38
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Q: My Friends have reported that they have Power Packs, and I would like to know why I don't see them yet?
A: Power Packs are a new feature in the game. As with many of our new features, we slowly release them into the game to ensure that they are performing as expected.

Q: What are the Power Packs?
A: Power Packs are designed to help you stay in the fight a little bit longer. They can be used to game gain 125% of your Stamina every 8 hours, or 200% of your health every 10 minutes.

Q: Will the Power Pack increase my total stamina 125% above what I currently have remaining?
A: The Power Pack will increase your total stamina to 125% of your maximum stamina amount. If you use a Power Pack while you still have stamina left it will overwrite that amount.

Q: How often can I use a Power Pack for stamina?
A: Power Packs for stamina can be used one time every 8 hours.

Q: Is there a way to determine how much time that I have left until I can use the next Power Pack?
A: There will be a timer located on the home page which will let you know how much time you have until you can use your next Power Pack for a stamina refill.

Q: How often can I use a Power Pack for health?
A: The Power Pack for health may be used one time every ten minutes.

Q: How much does the Power Pack increase my health?
A: The Power Pack will increase your health to 200% of your maximum health amount. As an example, if you have a total of 100 health on your account, you will get 200 total health points when you use a Power Pack.

Q: Where do I get Power Packs?
A: Power Packs are available through the free gifts page, and you can send them through the home page module.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Power Packs I can collect?
A: There are not any limits to the number of Power Packs that you can collect in one day, however, you can only have 10 of them in your inventory at any one time. Please note, that you can only receive a maximum of 200 gifts per day, and this limit includes the Power Packs.

Q: Where do I find out how many power packs that I have?
A: The number of Power Packs that you have available can be found on the home page module or by opening the hospital.

Q: What happens if I collect more than my limit of Power Packs?
A: You are limited to only 10 Power Packs in your inventory at a time. If you collect more that that the extra Power Packs will be converted into a Mystery Boost.

Q: Can I still heal through the hospital if I do not have any Power Packs left?
A: Yes! The new Hospital gives you several options to heal. If you are out of Power Packs you have the option to ask for more. You can also buy a health refill more using the currency of whichever city you are in or using your New York city currency. As an additional option you can also purchase a health refill for reward points.

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Q: How do I use my Power Pack to increase my stamina?
A: You can activate a Power Pack from your home page module.

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