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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Power Pack Experiment Update

A few days ago, Zynga announced that the Power Packs were entering Phase 2 of the "Power Pack Experiment" (1). Some players got Power Packs which provided a 100% stamina refill every 16 hours and some players got one that provided a 50% stamina refill every 8 hours. Oh yeah and a rather large group got screwed and ended up with no Power Packs at all. Originally I was given the 16 hour Power Pack.

Today I noticed my Power Packs were changed and now I have the 8 hour version.
It's typical of Zynga to give the players something they like and then swiftly change it or take it away. It makes players feel like they got screwed and isn't a cool thing to do. If they don't want us to have something, they should never implement it in the first place. Sadly many players have never gotten any type of Power Pack and can only watch from the sidelines.  Getting a Power Pack as a Free Gift only to watch it transform into a Mystery Boost Pack doesn't ease the pain of getting the shaft. Cartman of South Park describes how many players feel right now.


This is a direct copied-and-pasted post from the MWLootLady Blog, view original post - HERE.


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