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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pseudo Stamina Bug: Beware of

I've seen quite a few players state that they lost the extra 25% stamina they gained from the Power Packs as soon as they performed a game action. This wasn't a surprise as Zynga has had a long history with this type of bug. For some reason stamina causes issues when it goes over 100% . We saw this all the time when the Daily Take offered a 125% Stamina Boost (1).

I tested it out and found that everything worked great when I was playing from Facebook. When I went to, I lost the extra stamina and went down to 100%. Remember when you unframe Mafia Wars you are automatically directed to  This applies even when you unframe from Facebook.  The best way to prevent losing your extra stamina is to say in a framed game from Facebook and do game tasks manually until you reach 100%. I'm working on videos to document and will post those at a later time as you need to wait 8 hours between Power Packs.


Superbeast said... [Reply to comment]

doesn't work for me... everytime I get above my actual stamina points and the number gets yellow... immediatly after I click on another links the stamina is the maximum white number again... I am playing through facebook und don't have my windown unframed... so I guess zynga has a restriction that you can't have stamina points above your maximum number... or better said only for seconds and not for use.
greetings from germany.

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