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Friday, August 26, 2011

Group Buy Marketplace Feature

Leave it Zynga to complicate something as simple as a loot item purchase. What's wrong with seeing an item, liking it and buying it in one click? Not in this game. If you go to the Marketplace, you will see a new featured loot item called the Onyx50. It has a star associated with it and the stats will change according to how many players buy it. The Bronze Onyx 50 was 15 Reward Points and quickly moved into the Silver Level (sorry I don't have a screen shot of the Bronze) and the cost went up to 25 Reward Points.  There is a timer and I'm not sure what happens when it runs out. Most likely the item will no longer be available and the stats will remain at the last level.

When you purchase it, you get a notice that you made a "Nice Investment". You will also be told how many you won and how many other people need to buy before the item is "upgraded" to the next level. The key is to buy the item when it's cheap. I laugh that they would call any loot item an investment. Too many players have spend money on items only to find that months later it's no longer any good. The same thing will happen here regardless of the stats.
I you purchase a Onyx 50 on the Bronze, Silver or Gold level and the item gets upgraded, you will get a message in your ZMC letting you know.
When I got on line the item above had moved to the Gold Level and was available for 30 Reward Points.
I purchased one (I don't recommend this at all unless you are a collector, there are better ways to use your Reward Points.
I also got the chance to brag about this great investment (sarcasm).  It's never a good idea to generate posts that spam the news feeds but this one holds some value.
When you friends click on "See Item", they will be directed to the Marketplace and will get 5 experience Points.
These posts aren't good for a long time. If you click on one way after the face, you will be
I believe that the 5 experience points are also a one time deal. I've clicked on multiple posts and only once did I get the bonus. All other times I was only directed to the Marketplace. I ran a Stream Scanner and these posts show up on the "groupbuy" tab.
None of them worked for me which further supports my suspicion that you will only get the experience bones one time.
There are a little over 10 hours left on the timer and 5,892 more items need to be sold. These aren't being sold very fast so I don't know if it will make it to the Ruby Level which will be a good indication that it's not worth buying these items. Zynga needs to keep it simple!


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