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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Think Outside Of The Box" Crate Design Contest

Hey Mafiosos!

Here’s a chance to leave your permanent mark on Mafia Wars – by designing something to be made available in the game! Think outside of the box to come up with an exciting crate theme and 1 piece of loot that fits within it for a chance to win some awesome Mafia Wars prizes! The loot can be a weapon with which to attack your rivals, armor for protection from your enemies, a vehicle in which to patrol the mean streets, or a powerful animal to add to your dangerous menagerie. We’ll pick the best submissions, forward them to our art department, and get them added to Mafia Wars ASAP, at which point we’ll credit the designer one (1) of the item (crate or loot) they designed! But that’s not all! While the winning designs are being turned into in-game items, we’ll also send the designers a crate* full of Mafia Wars swag for designing such an awesome crate (or piece of loot)!

*The crate will actually be a cardboard box, as that is a more environmentally friendly way to ship.

Check out the Mafia Wars "Think Outside Of The Box" Crate Design Contest Official Rules & Guidelines, discuss the contest with other Mafia Wars players in this forum thread, then go play some Mafia Wars to get inspired before sending your best design for a crate + 1 piece of loot it would contain to Feel free to use this crate as a blank template (click it to open an even larger version in a new window):

Good luck!
The Mafia Wars Team


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