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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family chat 2.0 is online

Im not sure if it is online for every family but for the {ṀωṀ} family it is online. It pretty looks cool this way u will never miss out any family activity.

U have to accept the terms of service before being able to use it.

U can find it about the game on the extras

or under the game.

Clicking on + will rise the chat menu up.

U can also make it disappear by clicking on -

U can see the family chat tab and the chats tab.
U can also see all kind of updates of ur family and what they just posted, operations help posts, or level up bonuses.

By clicking on an online family member (which u can see from the green dot next to their name) u will have a menu to chat with that person in private, block the user from talking to u or seeing his/her updates.

If u click on chat. u will see an extra "room" just to chat with this person in private.
U will also see how many family members are currently online and how many private chat tabs u have opened.

U can click on the gears icon to bring up the options menu.

U can set ur chat up here. whether u want to be online, get chat sounds, sign in notifications and other family updates.

If u set ur options to show u when a family member comes online u will this kind of notification .

Chat flaws

I have noticed that u cant post any hyperlinks there... they will just appear as a normal text :/
Each chat msg u send have a limit of 85 characters....

U cant send msgs with curse words AND CANT EVEN SAY ZYNGA! but can say ass? o.O
every word will be changed to ***

The chat disconnect a lot!

If another player set his game to another language u will see the same the same as what that person set even if ur game was set to english

I hope these information where helpful enough. comment if u need more information or want me to add something :)

Stay in touch



Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

this feature has increased my CPU usage and also slow down the game. anyone else having this problem.?

Haider said... [Reply to comment]

not having a problem with it... maybe cause i have a powerful pc.

maybe all because of the chatlayout

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