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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Progression by Mafia Wars Team

Here is the extract of Family Progression after it being released about 36 hours

You devote a lot of time and energy to becoming the baddest mobster you can be, and now your efforts are about to pay double! With the introduction of Family Progression, many of the things you already do, including completing jobs, crafting items via your NYC properties, fighting, and helping your family members in various ways, will count towards your family's shared experience as well!
Details About the Roll-out
We're eager to give every family the chance to gather collective experience, but, as with all new features, we need to roll it out slowly to ensure stability. Fortunately, we're starting with one of our highest starting percentages ever. 50% of families, chosen randomly, received the Family Progression feature last night, and we will be rolling it out to the rest as soon as we can. So, if your family doesn't have Family Progression yet, it will very soon. We will be tweaking the feature based on player feedback, making a survey available once every family has received Family Progression.
What It Looks Like
When your family receives the Family Progression feature, you'll notice a change to your home screen. A "Family" button will appear in the top right corner of the "Game Progress" section. Clicking on the button will change that section to display your family's progress. Clicking the "Progress" button that replaces the "Family" button will return the section to displaying your personal game progress.

Home Screen - Family Button Home Screen - Family Progress
The 4 progress bars at the bottom show how much of the required experience your family has gained in its progression to the next level, which includes experience earned from completing jobs, ices resulting from fighting, crafting items via your NYC properties, and helping members of your family in the ways listed below. Your family levels up and receives the associated perk once you've collectively filled all 4 of the family experience bars.
Actions That Earn Helper Experience Points For Your Family
These details can be found on your Family page, so let's take a look at that now:
Family Page With Family Progression
A family page with Family Progression includes the following new information: the same family experience progress bars as those on your home screen, the ability to see which family members are contributing the most in each of the four areas, some details about what game activities contribute to your family's collective experience, and a tab devoted to the perks family members receive at each level of Family Progression:
Family Progression Perks
To see your personal contribution to your family's progress, return to the home screen, where a family icon now appears in the Missions bar. Clicking it opens a window in which you can see how much you're contributing each period, the maximum being 2,400 family experience points. The timer in the top right corner of this window lets you know when the current period ends and the next period begins. You have until then to maximize your contribution to your family's collective experience. Fill any of the four personal progress bars and a "Collect" button will appear. Clicking the button rewards you and your family with the amount of experience indicated in the window. (This is in addition to the personal experience you already gained in the process of completing the tasks.) As with mastery events, you don't get to collect unless and until you have filled the bar. Unlike mastery events, Family Progression does not disappear when the timer runs out. When the timer reaches zero for a given period, you and your family will have earned the experience you collected by clicking the "Collect" buttons that you triggered, the timer resets, the leaderboard on your family page resets, and a new opportunity to collect as much experience for your family as you can begins! It is challenging, but entirely possible, to earn the full 2,400 experience points for your family each period just by doing the things you normally do in the game!
Family Progression - Your Contribution
We're excited to bring this new layer of experience and rewards to Mafia Wars, especially because they come from doing the things you already do! The fun part for you and everyone in your family, then, will be developing a strategy for how to work together to level up your family faster than it would happen naturally.
We hope you enjoy Family Progression,
~The Mafia Wars Team


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