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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FB MafiaWars Addon + Other Bookmarklets Broken

As all of you know, Zynga decided to change some of the lines on their server and it broke most of the scripts/bookmarklets out there. Team Spockholm (and others?) are fixing it/have already fixed it.

As for the FB MafiaWars Addon, it was also broken by Zynga, so the orignal script where you downloads from will not be working. I have changed some of the codes to solve the problem, so this is just a temporary fix till the scriptwriter of the Add-on comes back.

Instructions to use the links below:
  1. Click on one of the links below
  2. Wait for the 5 seconds countdown located at top right of page
  3. Click on "SKIP AD"  
  4. Enjoy the Add-on! 

Temporary Fix for FB MafiaWars Addon by MWM - 

Some notes if you download the temporary fix:
  1. Do not uninstall the original version, the temporary fix by me have a different name to spot easily.
  2. The script is not written by me, it is only edited by me to temporary fix it till scriptwriter comes back.

Enjoy the TEMPORARY FIX! I will post the updates whenever it is needed in the future.


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

can you post it again and a bit bigger i dont think zynga seen it

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