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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Never {ASS}ume! - by Jennifer from MWLL

This is a direct copy-and-paste from the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Blog posted by Jennifer, permission was also granted by her.. :) You may also view the post on her blog - Never {ASS}ume!.

The {ASS} Family is no stranger to drama. We have endured constant game and verbal attacks since we first showed up on the Leaderboard of the day the Death By Ice Event.

I created our Family for one purpose and that was to document Family events. All the drama brought us closer and we became a real Family. Not a warring Family but one that works together to help each other. We have been doing well with the Family Progression feature and recently hit Level 6.
Since we were the first Family to get there, we have been able to help the community by showing how much experience is required to get to Level 7. Zynga won't even tell us juicy bit of information. Thanks to Team Spockholm and the Family Mission bookmarklet, we have the numbers.
Apparently some players think that we shouldn't post our accomplishment on the Mafia Wars Loot Lady Fan Page as it looks like we are bragging. We provide up to date information and our fans come to our page to get just that. We are very active and many share our information with the community. In the past 30 days, our posts have been viewed almost 6 million times. I will continue to use information gathered from the {ASS} Family to make posts on this blog and members are free to post on the fan page as are all the other Families out there. If people don't like the content of our posts they are welcome to find a different source for Mafia Wars information.
For some reason, the haters can't deal with this and used a dirty tactic to try to bring us down. Our tag was reported as being offensive and Zynga removed it. The {ASS} tag is now the {N/A} tag. Score 1 for the haters. We are still a Family and will continue to do things just as before.  We will continue to excel in Family events and features. Score 1 for the Assassin-a-Nators.


We weren't given prior notification of the change and aren't going to passively accept the decision.  A few of our members contacted Customer Support for an explanation. Here is exactly what we were told as the reason our tag was removed. 

Hello Iain,

My name is Brandon and I will gladly assist you today.

I've received your case file from Adam and I do apologize for the trouble, Iain. It seems that your Family Tag was reported by a player for being offensive. Although I do understand this was just an abbreviation of the full Family name, due to the fact that it does resemble a curse word, customer support it unable to change it back to what it was.

This being the case, customer support can still assist in changing the Tag to something more suitable, but it must be the Godfather or Godmother themselves who request this. If it's not too much trouble, please try to have whoever is in control of the Family file a support request with a reasonable new Tag, and we will gladly change away from the N/A that you are currently seeing.

Brandon R.
Zynga Player Advocate
Your Incident # is: 110815-6176221

Hello, Zynga!!! YOU actually use the word "ass" in your own game? Offensive my {ASS}! It's rather obvious we fell victim to a mass reporting campaign.  We are confident we will get our tag back.  If we don't we will make a new one with symbols. This looks pretty cool: {Λ§§}. The joke is on all the people who took the time to report our tag.  It's not going to change anything and you assumed it would break up our Family. It has only brought us closer.  Score 2 for the Assassin-a-Nators.
(click image to enlarge)

Parting advice to all:  Have fun with your Family and stop worrying about what other Families are doing. The Family Module was designed to make the game more fun and enjoyable by bringing in another social element.

Now STOP Hatin' is Bad....Everybody Just Have A Good Time!


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nice, this is epic, good research, you are like your own lawyer lol

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