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Friday, August 5, 2011

New Mafia wars Family system and family mission

A new Mafia wars Family system and family mission has just been released.

Now u can let ur family friends earning a low amount of xp by completing a few quests. which ist bad at all! so u earn xp by ur normal playing and u let ur mafia friends earn some also :).

By completing quests u will also make a progress to ur all round family progress which will unlock more perks and family badges later on.

U can also check ur family progress on ur mafia wars home page by clicking on family

U can switch back to ur progress if u click on progress :)

U can also check the leader boards within the mafia family to check the progress of the family members and see what they already achieved.

By clicking on Helper u will see who helped the most and how much family xp he earned for the family.

Helper Experience is awarded for showing loyalty to your mafia. Earn enough helper XP to collect a reward of bonus XP and family XP. There are three levels to achieve.

  • Recruit a new player - 10
  • Give operation help - 4
  • Declare a war - 3
  • Give war help - 2
  • Give Mission help - 2
  • Accept crew help - 2
  • Activate crew - 1
  • Accept free gift - 1
  • Give job help - 1
  • Give crime spree help - 1
  • Spin a friend’s Vegas slots - 1

By clicking on Jobs u will see who made the best xp pay out from jobs.

Doing Jobs in any city will give you experience. Collect enough Jobs XP to get a reward of bonus XP and family XP. There are three levels to achieve.

By clicking on ice u will see the ice leader boards.

To get an Ice, attack an opponent until their health drops below 20. If you deal the final blow, you will be awarded an ice. When you have gained enough Ices, you can collect a reward of bonus experience and family XP. There are three levels to achieve.

By clicking on property u will be able to see who achieved the most family xp for the family by purchasing ny properties weapons, cars, armors and/or zoos

Every day, you can build weapons, armors, vehicles, and animals from your New York properties. Building from upgraded properties will give you more crafting experience. Collect enough crafting XP to collect a reward of bonus XP and family XP. There are three levels to achieve.

chop shop 10xp level 15
weapons depot 10xp level 15
armory 5xp level 15
zoo 35xp level 15

For the current mission u will need to do the following things.


10000 xp

60 xp

chop shop 15xp level 15

weapons depot 15xp level 15

armory 15xp level 15

zoo 15xp level 15


75xp from those
  • Recruit a new player - 10 xp
  • Give operation help - 4 xp
  • Declare a war - 3 xp
  • Give war help - 2 xp
  • Give Mission help - 2 xp
  • Accept crew help - 2 xp
  • Activate crew - 1 xp
  • Accept free gift - 1 xp
  • Give job help - 1 xp
  • Give crime spree help - 1 xp
  • Spin a friend’s Vegas slots - 1 xp

Once the family finish the level all will get this pop-up.....

.....and have a new progress bar for the new level.

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Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Just to clarify, Are you saying if you have one person in your family who doesn't complete the tasks, then the whole family suffers because we don't get to the next level????

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

i wanna join mwm family .. who shud i add then? plzz heelp mee <3 i want perks so badly and my team suck.. say it in comments..

Haider said... [Reply to comment]

@ the first anonymous
the bars are alls calculated with xp (just like ur normal levels) and the more the members will earn the faster u will level up. so the more active members the better " sure the have to finish the missions to earn the family some xp"

@the second anonymous

Santucci4 said... [Reply to comment]

How come I don't have this mission showing up for my family?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Why doesn't my mission change even if time has runned out? I can still do the old mission but how long. It can disappear at any moment and I lost everything I'm doing now.

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