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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Official Mafia Wars T-Shirt Design Contest Winners!

Hey Mafiosos!

On July 7th, we announced our first ever t-shirt design contest. Then, after receiving 170 amazing submissions from creative Mafia Wars fans around the globe, we asked you to help us choose the best. Well, the votes are in, and we're excited to announce the top 3 t-shirt designs as voted by you!

Made for you, by one of you, the 1st place winner is the great design below. For creating the fans' favorite, the clever designer will receive 1 iPod Touch, 1,000 Mafia Wars RPs, 3 t-shirts of their winning design, and bragging rights for having designed the winning entry in the first Official Mafia Wars T-shirt Design Contest! For those of you itching to own one of these t-shirts, the design will be featured in the Mafia Wars online swag store in a few weeks. We'll make another announcement when they become available.

Coming in 2nd place is the following design, the creator of which will receive 750 Mafia Wars RPs + 1 t-shirt of the 1st place winning design OR 1 Mafia Wars cap.

And 3rd place goes to the following design, for which the artist will receive 250 Mafia Wars RPs + 1 t-shirt of the 1st place winning design OR 1 Mafia Wars cap.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Mafia Wars T-Shirt Design Contest! Keep those creative juices flowing and be sure to enter the Mafia Wars "Think Outside Of The Box" Crate Design Contest for your chance at some more great prizes!

~The Mafia Wars Team


Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Congrats to the winners! I would have bought the 2nd place shirt, I hope they sell it anyway. First is very basic. 2nd is at the very least something different from the rest and should have won.

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