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Sunday, August 7, 2011

This & Next Week - 8/5/2011

Released This Week

The Mafia Wars "Think Outside Of The Box" Crate Design Contest
Think outside of the box to come up with an exciting crate theme and 1 piece of loot that fits within it for a chance to win some awesome Mafia Wars prizes!

The Official Mafia Wars T-Shirt Design Contest Winners!
Check out the top 3 t-shirt designs of the 170 we received!

Mission Event: Wild Thing
You'll need to steal from Private Zoos to build up your illegal exotic animals business. Take care of your jungle cats and you'll be rewarded with the Golden Tiger (63 attack, 153 defense).

Family Progression
You devote a lot of time and energy to becoming the baddest mobster you can be, and now your efforts are about to pay double!

Coming Next Week*
*As far as currently scheduled, but things can change.

Union Hall
Collect, upgrade, and build from all of your properties in one central location.

New Mission Event: Get A Grip
Your protected businesses are being targeted, your mafia members are being picked off, and your safehouse is under attack! The only way to get a grip on this situation is to set a trap with yourself as the bait!


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